How i became toxic.

Do you evaluate yourself often enough to understand who you are and where you are?

My name is Dineo Surname…..I am not sure.

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My name is Dineo Surname……..i am not sure yet.

Sometimes in life. Things dont go the way we had hope, some adjust and be okay. Some take it hard and it changes everything.
Well! Let me just say i took a champion knock from life and i cant recognise myself anymore. It hurts although i know i am the only one that can bring myself back to reality.

i am tired

I feel very defeated. I cant do this anymore.


They say it gets harder before it gets easier. Does it really have to be this hard? Feeling helpless and having someone in control of your emotions. It happens, it hits hard for minutes then the pain eases as i calm my thoughts. I have laid a bed for myself. I am not sure ifContinue reading “Mistakes”

Heavy Heart.

How possible is it that a heart can have more weight than a whole human body whilst its so tiny in comparison. It feels very heavy and painful. I have hurt the one person that i care about most in the entire world. I just pray one day when all is in the past, forgivenessContinue reading “Heavy Heart.”

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