How i became toxic.

Do you evaluate yourself often enough to understand who you are and where you are?

My name is Dineo Surname…..I am not sure.

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My name is Dineo Surname……..i am not sure yet.

Sometimes in life. Things dont go the way we had hope, some adjust and be okay. Some take it hard and it changes everything.
Well! Let me just say i took a champion knock from life and i cant recognise myself anymore. It hurts although i know i am the only one that can bring myself back to reality.

Crippling Fear

Lately fear has been crippling me. I dont know which is the worst to fear for in my life. I feel my heart beating so fast and suddenly it stops and i feel deep inside me emptiness that’s quiet strange. Behind me i feel souls standing looking at me, only if i could turn andContinue reading “Crippling Fear”


Depression are thoughts that consume our minds and influence our state of thinking and seeing things. I did not see myself as depressed but thought i am going through a phase where nothing was going right for me in life. I believed one day it will change and i will be where i need toContinue reading “Depression.”

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